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Personalized, Professional Arbor Services

Tree Trimming

Unkempt trees can give your yard a disheveled appearance and block airflow to the areas beneath. Eliminate problematic and heavy-hanging branches with the assistance of King Tree Service in Colorado Springs, CO. Our service offers trimming of the tree to cut away affected and broken branches. In addition, our staff will give mature trees a makeover by shaping and thinning their canopies. That way, the trees in your yard can thrive and flourish. We'll strategically prune your trees to enable healthy growth. To find out more about our tree trimming service, call (719) 265-1704 right away.

Benefits of routine tree trimming:

Tree trimming can do a lot for your trees. By scheduling routine tree pruning service, you can:

  • Improve the health of your trees
  • Enhance the overall appearance of your trees
  • Increase sun exposure to the underlying plants

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Has Mother Nature unleashed her wrath on your property, leaving downed trees and broken limbs laying around your yard? If so, the only call you need to make for fast, efficient service is to King Tree Service. Our team members are vastly experienced at removing downed trees and debris following storms from residential and commercial properties. You can rest assured that we'll take every measure to protect your property from any damage during the clean-up process. All trees and debris that we remove are put to use, either by chipping or repurposing. We make it a point to be good stewards of our resources. To make your property the envy of the neighborhood once again following a storm, call us at (719) 265-1704 for reliable tree removal and more.

Emergency Tree Removal

Are you worried about trees too close to your property or power lines in Colorado Springs, CO? Don't worry any longer — contact King Tree Service for their expert hazardous tree removal services. Our team is equipped to handle any size tree, so you don't have to worry about any damage or danger to your property. We promise to provide fast and efficient service, ensuring the safety of your home.

If you need help with hazardous tree removal, don't hesitate to call us at (719) 265-1704. Additionally, we offer tree relocation services.

Stump Grinding

For all of your tree removal needs in Colorado Springs, CO, trust King Tree Service. Not only do we provide quality tree cutting, but we also provide specialized stump grinding services. If necessary, our team is also prepared to dig out the stump. With top-of-the-line grinders, we guarantee that the stump removal process will be seamless and your yard will be left in the same condition as before. Our team is dedicated to providing superior services, so you can ensure the job will be done right.

Commercial Maintenance

Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of your landscaping efforts? Don't settle for anything less than your best! King Tree Service, located in Colorado Springs, CO, provides a quality and reliable service to ensure your property looks fantastic. Our staff is well-equipped to take on jobs both big and small, from pruning a large tree to stump removal. With our reputation for outstanding tree care, you can trust us with all of your tree maintenance needs. Reach out to us now to make sure your property looks amazing!

Fire Mitigation

It's up to everyone to protect against wildfires. The measures you take on your land help safeguard you and impact those living nearby. When you pre-emptively take action against potential flames, you make the firefighters' job easier and less risky. Unkept trees and bushes can quickly become dangerous when the environment becomes too dry. King Tree Service has the experience to remove the hazard and create a fire-free buffer between your landscape and your home. In the Colorado Springs area, fire mitigation has become essential for lawn maintenance during dry spells. Do your part to protect your residence — arrange a fire mitigation service now.

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